Monday, September 27, 2010

Purpose of the Faith and Values Column in the Lakeland Times

Churches, fellowships, chaplains and religious and spiritual groups of the Lakeland Ministerial Association are starting a regular “Faith and Values” column in the Lakeland Times. Each article in the Faith and Values column will be written by one of its various members and will focus on giving their unique spiritual perspective on topics of interest to the community.

The articles are focused on demonstrating the spiritual substance of the variety of faith traditions and practices and how this blesses everyone. Respect and dignity for the diversity of the churches and groups are celebrated as each group brings its gift to the larger community.

Why do we need this and why now? Spirituality is big! We know from various sources that the interest in religion and spirituality is growing. It has become a major presence on the internet, a burgeoning theme in bookstores and is being discussed and practiced in business and healthcare settings as well as in growing ecumenical and interfaith groups. In fact, in the bestselling book Megatrends 2010, Patricia Aburdene documents the movement that led her to conclude that “Spirituality has become the greatest quest of our time.”

The purpose of this column is to share with readers ideas and resources of healing, inspiration, vision and purpose and to expose and enrich the diversity of the vibrant spirituality of our larger community.

Under this purpose, topics for future articles under this column may include a spiritual perspective on peace and justice, a look at inviting your neighbors to a community table, understanding the Golden Rule from a variety of religious interpretations, support for our youth, a look at healing prayer, serving one another, a spiritual perspective on growing older, balancing work and family, spirituality and health care, finding spirituality in our daily lives, etc.

The column will be written by the members of the Lakeland Area Ministerial Association (LAMA) which includes a wide variety of faith communities. Although predominately Christian, this group also includes the Baha’i, Unitarian Universalists and Native American spirituality. Other groups are welcome to join.

For more information, please contact Kim Crooks Korinek.CS, facilitator for the Lakeland Ministerial Association at

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