Monday, September 27, 2010

The Community Table details

Community Table:
An Ecumenical Monthly Meal for All in the Lakeland Area

Location: St. Matthias

Day: Third Tuesday of the month

Time: Juice and coffee
The meal is served. The meal should be finished by

Workers: Made up of teams from area churches
Teams are
Ascension and Calvary Lutheran Churches
Responsible for March, July, and November 20

St. Matthias and Holy Family
Responsible for February, April, June, August, October, December

United Methodist Church of the Pines, Christian Scientists, Unitarians and Baha’i
Responsible for January, May, September

The Plan: Prepare the main entrée at home, and bring it to St. Matthias at 3:30 to be cooked/warmed. Note that St. Matthias has two stoves and three microwaves. Some people will bring the meat dish; other workers will be assigned to bring side dishes and desserts. (We want to avoid cakes or anything else that is messy.) Team members can contact each other a month in advance to determine who will bring or cook what item. The churches for each month will split the cost of the meat portion of the meal. The juices, coffee, cream, milk and side dishes should be donated and brought in by those responsible for putting on the meal that particular month.
Start the coffee and prepare juice. Set the tables and make sure juice and coffee will be ready to serve at 4:30. All food should be ready to serve at 5:00 sharp! All workers are encouraged to mix with those who come to the meal and eat with them. We want to get folks to know each other and get rid of the “us/them” kind of thinking. This is a great opportunity for folks in our area from different economic, social, cultural and religious backgrounds to get to know one another.

Contact: Lee Ann Niebuhr 715-356-6384 ext 6

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